Datuk Dr Inder

Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) a  LCP holder, has vast experience  treating hair loss for over 30 years, She  is incredibly passionate about her work and is American Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine .

Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) is also  an active member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) is the founder of Hair Transplant Centre a unit of which offers both aesthetic and hair loss treatments.

As of June 2019, Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) has partnered with Dato’ Dr Kuladeva Retnam, to expand and offer the full range of services at Hair Transplant Centre.


Fully Accredited Doctor
Internationally Trained Hair Transplant
Over 2000 Successful Procedure
Over 20 years experience

  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is Malaysia’s only Female Doctor pioneer Hair Restoration Diplomate from the ABHRS (American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery)
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is world renown and is a pioneer in hair loss and hair restoration procedures in Malaysia.
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) has more than 3 decades of experience in hair restoration, hair loss treatments and aesthetic medicine with license from the Ministry Of Health.
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) has been recognized by leading hair doctors and inventors of hair restoration equipment for her skills, expertise, protocols and results.
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is the President of FUE Society Malaysia.
  • – Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is a leading female physician and is the one of the most experienced aesthetic doctor in Malaysia.
    – Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is well known for her artistic and natural hairline restoration , fue hair transplant,  facial hair transplant which includes artistic eyebrow designing and restoration, beard restoration coupled with  the latest USA FDA approved  instruments, techniques, protocol and medication to ensue the most optimal result.
    – With so much experience and good track record , Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) often performs on celebrities, politicians and VVIP internationally.
  • – Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is also known for her quality and has established an international reputation with partnership with world renown Hair Transplant Practitioners .
    – Both Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) and  her staff  have been trained by World Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr John Cole , Dr Sanusi Umar and many other top Hair Practitioners to ensure they are highly skilled in hair transplant procedures.
    – With these International partnership Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is  always up-to-date on the latest techniques and best practices in hair loss and hair transplant.
  • Dr Inder’s practise has won WhatClinic’s 2017 and 2018 Award for Excellent Customer Service and our Successful Results from our patients from all over the world at: 
  • Klinik Dr Inder has been awarded with the MyDoc.Asia Certificate of Care Excellence 2016/2017/2018.
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) has been recognized by leading hair doctors and inventors of hair restoration equipment for her skills, expertise, protocols and results: 
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM), the leading female doctor’s testimonial is published on the Cole website: 
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) is American Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine and is a life member of The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeon (AAHRS).
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) holds a certified license and is privileged from the Ministry of Health Malaysia to practice aesthetic medicine.
  • Datuk Dr Inder (DPSM) was an ex-Exco member of Malaysia’s Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Malaysia’s anti-aging and aesthetic society.