Meet Our Hair Transplant Team Member

Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia is a specialized dedicated unit formed by ARC Clinic to focus in providing World Class Hair Transplant procedures

Specializing in hair

Our physicians specialize in the
art and science of hair
restoration—it’s their primary

In-depth training

Our physicians receive in-depth training to master the artistry and techniques that make hair restoration so unique.

Global Health Awards

Our physicians have received numerous honors and awards for excellence in hair restoration surgery.

10+ years of experience

Many of our physicians have at least ten years of experience performing hair restorations.


Datuk Dr Inder

Datuk Dr. Inder (DPSM) a LCP holder, has vast experience treating hair loss for over 30 years and also an active member of (ISHRS).

Dato' Dr Kuladeva Retnam

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon partnered with Klinik Dr Inder to offer full range of services.

Professional Experts

Taking great care and ensuring the best possible outcome for you is our Mantra. We have form partnership with World Renowned Hair Transplant Experts and Institution. You are well assure we are continuously evolving to give you the best world class treatmen

Dr Lina Ann

Bachelor of homeopathic medicine
Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS), 2018

Dr Iman Lim

Master in Healthy Aging,
Regenerative Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine at UCSI University (2021-2023)
And Medical Aesthetic Certificate (2022)
Medical degree from First Moscow State Medical University (2017)

Dr. Lew Kar Min

Bachelor of Medicine;
Bachelor of Surgery at International Medical University (2017)
Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine at International Institute of Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine (2022)

Reenisha Kaur

Medical degree from first moscow medical university (2014)
Medical Aesthetic Certificate (2022)


Our nurses in hair transplants are experts in their fields. We give priority to work professionals,

who provide maximum and best results.


Senior Staff, thanks to the doctor with all the years of experience with all the procedures and training provided.


The Head of Hair Transplant Nurse with a lot of experience, including going to workshops and going to many countries too. All patients are satisfied with the results. Thank you, doctor.


Assistant for Hair Transplant Procedures. It is good learning to be part of a team. I learned new hair transplantation techniques in several countries. This place is the best place for hair transplants and has the best doctors and the best results.


Senior Staff, thanks to the doctor with all the years of experience with all the procedures and training provided.


I help doctors in hair transplant procedures. Choose our Hair Transplant and you will never regret it


Feeling happy to make patients satisfied with their care and happy to work with a doctor here.

We, at Hair Transplant Centre Singapore take pride in being one of the best clinics to give effective treatment for hair loss in Singapore.